Wednesday, 6 May 2009

a little about me, my kids, and allergies.

I have the joy of four children and one hubby.
Currently the house is full of hormones, as i have three teens and a 10 yr old.
three boys and a girl.
I have a tall 17 yr old, a even taller 15 yr old, a 13yr old ( still in the stage of being forced to use soap) and a 10 yr old girl. ( who has been co-ordinating her clothes since she was 3 yrs old, right down to underwear and hairslides)

one child has food and environmental allergies.

I will be posting quite a bit on my allergic son's story, his grim first years, and adding some tips on the way.
I did try to write a book on our allergy adventures, but quite frankly, I dont have the cash to publish it myself, and worry that the money just wont come back....................but i still enjoy tapping away, and writing.

I am going to talk about some parental adventures, and ponder the basic questions women ask about themselves, like,
why am i the only one to put a new roll of toilet tissue on the holder?
when did I grow two extra boobs in the top front ? ...............and how did those back boobs get there?
or Q food shopping.............not suitable for those who are in the depths of PMT?

I do hope that others will e-mail any topics for me to ponder, and post here..................


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