Thursday, 7 May 2009

the club no one wants to join.

My son is not that a rare child these days, the rate of childhood allergy is rising, and every school has a selection of asthma inhalers, anti-histamine, ezcema moisturizers, and auto-injectors.
it's called the "allergy epidemic" a club that no one wants to join.

Every day is an allergy day, and our only real choice is complete avoidance, to an extreme level.
we keep our children safe, and struggle to keep life as normal as possible, while remembering to keep our mobile phones charged and emergency meds with us at all times. Not forgetting, a safe to eat snack, ( crushed, more often than not) in the bottom of our bags.

The NHS still hasnt caught up with our needs , depite sterling work carried out by the allergy charities , and that leaves us, in many areas of the UK , to struggle on alone with the extreme stress we live every day.
I am of the opinion that sometimes its helpful to laugh about things , rather than cry , and have been known to do both at times!
After all, my son is an equal mixture of the best and worst of both of us, we are of course an 'itchy and scratchy' family , to part of our son's life was our own childhood norm.

This blogg is part of my need to note down the long learning curve we have travelled , while adjusting to the needs of william. A child who has multiple food and environmental allergies.
i hope you enjoy my posts, and do feel free to leave posts.


  1. Great article Sarah. I saw your link on You have been a great contributor there, so I will visit your blog often.

  2. Hi, Sarah. I enjoyed and thoroughly identified with your post. My daughter has mutliple food allergies with anaphylactic reactions and severe eczema (inherited from me). I was so frustrated with the limited amount of knowledge and understanding out there from "non-itchy" individuals, that my daughters and I wrote a book about it, "The Itchy Kids Club: Silly Poems for Itchy Kids". I would be happy to send you a copy and a t-shirt for your son if you are interested. Email me at My website is Thanks for the blog- keep up the good work! Jill